Internet documentation for Jaunty – help!

Documentation string freeze is rapidly approaching (March 26th) and I’ve not managed to get as much feedback on NetworkManager as I would have liked in order to make some really useful documentation.

Connection is one of those things that if a new user hits it, it can be a major problem – especially when so much help is available on the Internet! This often results in frustrated users who can only look to the little blue circle with the question mark.

The thing is though, I’m to blame too. I know how to troubleshoot networking problems, so it’s unlikely that I approach the problem from the same aspect as a newcomer, so might be answering a question that no-one asked!

With only two of NetworkManager’s currently supported connections – the documentation is lacking in three areas: VPN, DSL and the one I’m most worried about, Mobile Internet. I’d also love to reach more of a consensus on how to document dial-up connections.

So, now I’ve got a feed to Planet Ubuntu, I can hit a much wider audience and who are likely to have overcome any issues they encountered.

I need your experiences connecting using NM:

  • Which of NM’s connection types do you use?
  • Was it detected automatically?
  • Did you need to take any steps that are not apparent from the interface – such as installing extra packages or manually configuring options?
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11 Responses to Internet documentation for Jaunty – help!

  1. Tim Bosse says:

    I would be glad to put some doc in for network-manager-vpnc. There are some tricks (bugs?) that would initially trip somebody up depending on how their VPN is setup.

  2. Wouter says:

    Mobile internet with my nokia 6300 connected by usb worked wonderfully! Just a few clear steps to get connected.

  3. Glen Tilley says:

    * Which of NM’s connection types do you use?
    Both ethernet and wireless connections used.

    * Was it detected automatically?
    Ethernet automatically detected and connected. Wireless required me to understand the encryption and key for my router, but apart from that it connected and continues to connect every time I start without ethernet connection at home. it has also connected to another wireless connection without drama. Ethernet also works in hotel.

    * Did you need to take any steps that are not apparent from the interface – such as installing extra packages or manually configuring options?
    No. All just worked as advertised. 🙂
    [Lenovo – T61]

  4. hamslaai says:

    Where are the docs on the net ?

  5. Can’t really contribute because I use wireless – just select my network, put in a password, and forget about it. And that’s how it should be!

  6. Tim Bosse says:

    Because I like pictures, here is my crappy stab at how I setup NMVPNC:

  7. Dougie says:

    Unfortunately, the current trunk is not on the web yet but I can post a copy of the relevant text here if it helps.

  8. Matthew East says:

    The current trunk is on the web at

    I’ve got a mobile internet connection and it works great out of the box so I’ll double check the instructions in due course.

    VPN really confuses me – all the boxes are greyed out in network manager under this tab when I click “Configure VPN”. It’s only since the first comment in this blog post that I’ve become aware that you actually have to install a package!!! We certainly need to include that information in the docs.

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