Docs Day


Ubuntu OpenWeek starts on Monday 27th April. The Documentation Team has five sessions starting on the 28th at 18:00 UTC which we’re referring to as “Docs Day”. Quite a change from Intrepid where I gave a single one hour session covering everything (the IRC log is available here)!

Our team has quite a high number of new people volunteering but seems to have have trouble converting these into long term members. Its difficult to identify why but in the Karmic cycle we have a couple of initiatives to announce:

  • Playbooks – we have written three playbooks. One for bugs in the docs, one for the wiki and one for more specific help with DocBook and creating new documentation.
  • IRC classroom sessions – covering step by step sessions on the main areas we work in, especially bug control and creating patches.
  • Doc Days: Much as bug days have done, we want to promote regular, weekly if possible, days where we target specific areas of the documentation.

Our first Playbook – “Fixing Bugs in the System Documentation” is available now and I encourage anyone to download a copy, make suggestions and have a go!

The Documentation Team is always looking for volunteers. You can apply to join the team on Launchpad – we just ask for an introduction on our mailing list. You don’t need to join to contribute, feel free to submit patches to the mailing list or on Launchpad.

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