Twitter vulnerabilities, using Windows, studying and new WordPress themes.

Graham Cluley, a Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos, has a nice blog piece on the Twitter worm from earlier this week. To cut a long story short, he reminds us of the importance of sanitizing inputs.

Still, it was more productive than my week with my Open University module that starts in October – T175 (Networked living: exploring information and communication technologies). The OU can be very Windows dependent but this course seems to be pretty much delivered in Virtual Learning Environment (what the OU calls Moodle). I ran the course DVD, which is a Windows Flash standalone thing which got me to revive the OU Ubuntu Users group, sending out emails, starting a mailing list and trying to get things going again.

So why was it unproductive? Well, I haven’t booted Windows in ages – there were a million updates, one of which was for the wireless driver. Update completely borked the wireless and I wound up restoring the drive. That aside, one thing I really like about Ubuntu (and most distributions) is a centralised update manager – Windows has Adobe, Java, Windows Update, Firefox and McAfee all trying to pull updates at the same time. It makes the system completely unusable for the first ten minutes it’s on!

Any way, I decided to build a new WordPress theme. Same colour scheme, more rounded edges – should be available in the next few days.

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  1. Moodle is actually the name of the most popular free software VLE (see though many other institutions do give it their own name, often keeping the name from their home grown VLE efforts when they replace them.

    Moodle was first developed in Australia, by a Systems Administrator doing a PhD in education and later adopted by the OU (seen at the time as it making the big time) and many other large institutions (plus many more small ones, internal training etc.). Appropriately, as a PHP based bit of software Moodle (like WordPress) has had its share of security issues over time and one of their big recent efforts was to rewrite the database layer to prevent problems of the kind caused by Little Bobby Tables.

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