I killed my PS3

I’ve been playing the brilliant “Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood”. So much so that I’ve killed my PS3 – it now overheats and turns itself off after about three minutes (if its booted from cold), beeps three times and flashes the power light. Mind you I’ve had it for about four years.

I bought a new one (surprised that the hard disk size going up seems to have reduced any price decreases over time).

Seems like a faulty fan – sounds like a bearing grinding. Anyone any experience with them?

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    1. If I could restore the PS3 to before the OtherOS option was removed and install Gentoo under 3 minutes before it shuts down that may be an option. 😉

      I didn’t know you’d moved to Portugal RMS, or have a Portugese ISP began trading in NYC? lol

  1. I recently fixed the fan in my laptop by dissassembling it and adding some graphite powder and a coulple drops of 3-in-1 oil (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-In-One_Oil) to the axe, then reassembled everything. Now, the fan spins normally and much more quietly than before. No idea if it works on a PS3 fan (I don’t even have a PS3) but it should.


  2. Re-flowing the motherboard might help with the overheating as well. PS3’s seem to have notoriously bad solder joints, especially with overheating.

    Never done this myself, but I’ve heard some people having decent results.

  3. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

    I don’t think that this will work, but it cant hurt to try a fan test – with fan bearings sometimes turning the fan up to full whack can cause them to reseat and it will also help to dislodge any other blockages.

    Turn the PS3 off via the power switch to the rear of the machine. Now, hold down the eject button and turn the unit back on at the rear, keeping the eject button held down afterwards until the fan test commences. If done correctly you will hear a noise like a thousand F16’s taking off.

    1. Well it certainly sounds like the fans are operating!

      I’ll disassemble the thing when I’ve got more time to look at it. Cheers for the information.

        1. Without opening it up I’d assume it’s most likely cracked solder on the mainboard. We’ve living in a quarter that is near impossible to heat – its got double glazing, insulation and so forth but as soon as the heating is off it dissipates.

          So this constant heating and cooling cycle seems to effect things – we’ve had TV sets that have developed solder cracks.

          I’d kind of hoped it’d be a quick fix – I don’t have the time to take it apart right now.

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