Running injuries

My Dailymile report is looking a little sorry for itself this week as I’ve picked up an injury. Tendinitis – doctor recommends two weeks off running, anti-inflammatories, ice and rest. He suggested investigating my running shoes too, so I went in to my local running shop.

Starting with a set of neutral trainers, you run on a treadmill, which has a little video camera behind it. You can analyse your gait and adjust accordingly. Five pairs of trainers later and it appears that I need a moderate stability shoe as I over-pronate. Its also clear I need to focus on my running style because I seem to turn out my right foot a lot.

I thought I was going to get caught on the price but a pair of Asics GT2160 were quite reasonable and if it makes the difference its worth it. They offered a 30 day guarantee too, so I can go back if they make no difference.