Why are video games the 30 something’s hidden vice?

I’m 35. There’s one PS3 in our house and I bought it. It’s attached to a nice big Plasma TV with a high refresh rate. If that sounds like I’m bragging, I’m not.

See the kids come in from school a good hour and a half before I do. So they can adhere to the rules (complete homework and get their kit ready for the next day) yet still be engrossed in video games by the time I get home. But it doesn’t end there, see I have a Lovefilm subscription so that means my wife likes to watch a film or two on the PS3 once we’ve eaten.

I like on line multi-player, particularly FPS but I can’t really get on before about ten each evening. The weird thing is I’m not alone. I just logged off after an hour playing with three other men my age(ish) – completely unplanned.

There’s something deeply flawed with three thirty-something married men whispering into headsets at midnight on a week night trying to play PS3. Its almost as if its a taboo.

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