Someone asked me yesterday “You’re good with computers, can you give me a copy of Photoshop?“. Aside from the fact I run Linux on most of my computers, I’m not keen on being accused of software piracy on the basis that I’m “good with computers” or any other reason. I made the mistake of asking why he needed it, he wanted to resize some pictures – so I suggested

His answer? “Oh no that’s free, it’s bound to be rubbish.”

Strange, I thought he wanted Photoshop free.

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  1. Hehe, good one. Well, we all use linux because we are cheap and we don’t wan’t to pay for anything. There is no other reason. Not a single one.

  2. I’ve been in that conversation plenty of times. Mostly my requests were for upgrading Windows or obtaining Mircosoft Office when their trial run expired. Rather than advocating piracy, I suggest FOSS alternatives. Good call on What a waste of resources it would have been to install Photoshop just for resizing pictures.

  3. I have had some of the same people ask me to pirate them an upgrade to windows 7. They assume that I can get them a free upgrade. I tell them that I might be able, but I am by no means willing. I explain to them that that could hurt my reputation, and possibly even send me to jail. Oddly enough there is a guy I used to know in Long beach, CA that thought he was cool for selling pirated windows 7 @ a fraction of the cost. There is an article on my Blog where I linked in the news story, of him getting taken away by the LA county sherifs dept. anti-piracy taskforce. I also explain to these un-informed that running a pirated windows copy will only work for so long, before MS will find out, and hold your data hostage.

    I recently got a local artist as a client. She got a legal copy of photoshop from her art school, but it did not come w/ a key to install it. It was removed from the packaging, so the key was obviously lost or stolen by someone. Even w/ this I was unable to convince her to choose an open-source solution like the GIMP. :((

  4. Comes with the territory.

    I don’t tell people I work with PC’s of any kind any more.

    You end up with a shopping list of Requests for software or OS’s and then your exepected to support it. HEH 🙂 yeh right!

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