Someone asked me yesterday “You’re good with computers, can you give me a copy of Photoshop?“. Aside from the fact I run Linux on most of my computers, I’m not keen on being accused of software piracy on the basis that I’m “good with computers” or any other reason. I made the mistake of asking why he needed it, he wanted to resize some pictures – so I suggested

His answer? “Oh no that’s free, it’s bound to be rubbish.”

Strange, I thought he wanted Photoshop free.

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7 Responses to Assumption

  1. r0n says:

    You should give him the Gimp for his “OS”……

  2. slawek says:

    Hehe, good one. Well, we all use linux because we are cheap and we don’t wan’t to pay for anything. There is no other reason. Not a single one.

  3. Adam Stovicek says:

    I’ve been in that conversation plenty of times. Mostly my requests were for upgrading Windows or obtaining Mircosoft Office when their trial run expired. Rather than advocating piracy, I suggest FOSS alternatives. Good call on What a waste of resources it would have been to install Photoshop just for resizing pictures.

  4. I have had some of the same people ask me to pirate them an upgrade to windows 7. They assume that I can get them a free upgrade. I tell them that I might be able, but I am by no means willing. I explain to them that that could hurt my reputation, and possibly even send me to jail. Oddly enough there is a guy I used to know in Long beach, CA that thought he was cool for selling pirated windows 7 @ a fraction of the cost. There is an article on my Blog where I linked in the news story, of him getting taken away by the LA county sherifs dept. anti-piracy taskforce. I also explain to these un-informed that running a pirated windows copy will only work for so long, before MS will find out, and hold your data hostage.

    I recently got a local artist as a client. She got a legal copy of photoshop from her art school, but it did not come w/ a key to install it. It was removed from the packaging, so the key was obviously lost or stolen by someone. Even w/ this I was unable to convince her to choose an open-source solution like the GIMP. :((

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  6. Nick says:

    Comes with the territory.

    I don’t tell people I work with PC’s of any kind any more.

    You end up with a shopping list of Requests for software or OS’s and then your exepected to support it. HEH 🙂 yeh right!

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