Another year draws to a close and I thought I might post some resolutions – perhaps making them public will help me meet them. The Happiness Project suggests that its a good idea to realise the difference between resolutions and goals.


Since coming back from tour last year I developed an injury. After several months of rehab, I’ve gained weight and lost fitness.

Resolution – exercise every day, adhering to a program. Goals – to pass a PFT/CFT and to get back under 90 kg.


As I approach the halfway mark in my degree, I realised that I’ve done most of my assessments in last minute panic. Aside from being stressful, its not a good way to learn.

Resolution – to study a couple of hours each day, adhering to a study plan. Goals – to complete three modules with a good pass.


Having spent a lot of last year living hand to mouth and the economy being in the toilet, I’d like to reduce my outgoings and have some savings.

Resolution – reduce outgoings and start saving. Goal – £3000 in savings.


There’s a lot of books I really want to read. I’m going to expand on this in another post but I want to get through one a week, especially some of the books on programming and mathematics I have bought but not yet got round to.

Resolutions – read more. Goals – to complete the list of books in this post.


I have a lot of stuff and if I’m honest, I don’t need a lot of it. There’s a good chance that I can make a portion of my savings goal above it I sell stuff I don’t need. I can give a way a lot of stuff too – how many clothes do we really need? I spend half my life in uniform, a huge chunk in running gear and the rest mostly in sweats.

Resolution – de-clutter. Goals – this is difficult to quantify but it would be good to have an empty garage.