Kindle WiFi

I’ve got a Kindle 3 and the Wi-Fi is very intermittent. I had a play with it earlier – it appears it only works when the router is on channel 11 or lower. Anyone had similar experiences?

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    1. Thanks Jef, this has only been a recent issue (it’s a B00A model, which is EU only). Perhaps Amazon have restricted it to US compliant channels in a firmware update.

      Now if there was a way for me to restrict my crappy router (BT HomeHub) to channels 11 downwards…

      1. It’s probably a firmware upgrade oops on Amazon’s part. I’d take it up with Amazon. I seriously doubted they intended to cripple the EU model after they make it a point to sell different ones for different jourdisctions. Dollars to doughnuts, this is something you can clear up with Amazon tech support (maybe not instantly but soon enough).

        Time being can you make your router sit on one channel instead of hop?


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