I completed the MS221 exam yesterday, the last level two module (hopefully) on my degree, if I was to sum it up in one word it would be “time”.

The paper was split in two – the first worth 72% had twelve questions, covering each section; the second 28% had four questions in greater depth. The problem was time. The paper says:

In the examiners’ opinion, most candidates would make best use  of their time by finishing as much as they can of Part 1 before starting Part 2.

I’d completed ten of the first twelve in part one when the invigilator announced there was fifteen minutes remaining of the three hours allocated. Questions eleven and twelve were on Euclid’s Algorithm and Cayley Tables respectively. I don’t understand Euclid’s Algorithm if I’m honest so I skipped it and tried to get as many points as I could in the last few minutes from the first question on part two on conic sections.

The best I can hope for is 60% but I think around 50% is more realistic. Fortunately, although the MS221 result calculator is now offline, reading the assessment handbook (OU) it appears that as long as you have over 40% OCAS (which I do) then you require 40% from the examinable component.

I was never much good at mathematics when I was at school, so it came as a surprise that I’d enjoy it later. It would have been nice to have been able to attend tutorials (I’ve been out of the country) too but I’d definitely recommend this module. This module counts as my free choice so its as far as my adventures in mathematics go for now.

Fingers crossed.