Windows XP SP3 in Virtual Box

This post is more to jog my memory than anything else but as I mentioned in an earlier post the OU’s MCT department has a Microsoft DreamSpark Academic subscription.

Most modules requires some software. There are most always issues with Windows 7 or Linux and there are often licensing issues – Mathcad for example is only valid for the duration of the module.

So I use a virtual machine (VirtualBox) running Windows XP.

  • Create a new machine and install Windows XP.
  • Back up the machine to removable media.
  • Clone the machine for each module and install the relevant OU software.
  • Destroy the machine when the module is complete.

The version of Windows XP Professional on DreamSpark doesn’t have any Service Pack installed (there are three for Windows XP). Installing SP3 requires SP2, you can get all three from Microsoft.