Well that’s a shame

From Sourceforge’s blog (emphasis mine):

Thanks to DevShare, we are now able to offer a bundle program that is fully compliant with Google’s strictest policies. This includes a solid compliance process for both open source applications and third party offerings. The whole installation flow is clean and has no misleading steps. Uninstallation procedures are exhaustively documented and all applications are verified to be virus and malware free.

I notice the linked example, Filezilla, has a clearly labelled download button with the file name on it. Except you’re actually downloading a completely different file name.



Do others find this sort of thing, especially on a site like Sourceforge, unsettling?


One Reply to “Well that’s a shame”

  1. It was about time they did this awful move… I hated Sourceforge because their invasive advertising in mailing lists, and now this. It’s shameful indeed.

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