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Advocacy by not advocating

We have Ubuntu installed on two of the machines at home and recently, after losing a Windows restore disc, I suggested installing Ubuntu 10.04 on her Dell 1545 after my suggestion. As installations go, it was relatively painless – certainly … Continue reading

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Fedora from an Ubuntu point of view

In the interests of not becoming blinkered to one distribution, I thought I might give Fedora 11 a whirl.  Not having used Fedora since FC4, I was surprised to see the adoption of a live CD installation and relieved to … Continue reading

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Huawei E1550 on Ubuntu

Update: I’ve rewritten this article for 10.04.1, please post comments there and not here! Update: You no longer need to install udev-extras in Ubuntu 10.04. I picked up a Huawei E1550 pre-pay mobile broadband dongle, £39.99 with 3 Mobile including … Continue reading

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Installing Arch on the Aspire One

I reinstalled Arch from scratch on an Aspire One today, something I haven’t done for a while.  I’ve updated my wiki page to reflect the changes since the end of last year. http://wiki.lynxworks.eu/aspireone/arch

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Replacing Linpus Linux Lite on the Acer Aspire One

I love my Aspire One but have come to be less impressed by the Linpus distro installed. So at the weekend I decided to try Arch Linux, which as a long time Slackware fan I had heard worked well and had good documentation. Continue reading

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Add an XFCE menu to the Aspire One panel

Enable a menu in the panel on the Acer Aspire One. Continue reading

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