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Install Android Studio on Ubuntu

Android Studio is a great development environment and is available on Ubuntu. I’m using Ubuntu Mate 16.10 “Yakkety Yak”.   First install a Java Development Kit (JDK). OpenJDK is pre-installed or you can use Oracle Java 8 (there is a … Continue reading

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Developing concurrent distributed systems (M362)

I’ve just started this Open University module. From the module description’s computing requirements: If you have an Apple Mac or Linux computer – please note that you can only use it for this course by running Windows on it using … Continue reading

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Well that’s a shame

From Sourceforge’s blog (emphasis mine): Thanks to DevShare, we are now able to offer a bundle program that is fully compliant with Google’s strictest policies. This includes a solid compliance process for both open source applications and third party offerings. The … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

I’m at home with my family this year but lots of friends are not. My thoughts are with them and their family – I hope they have some time to themselves and a little peace. So whatever your faith or … Continue reading

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Kindle WiFi

I’ve got a Kindle 3 and the Wi-Fi is very intermittent. I had a play with it earlier – it appears it only works when the router is on channel 11 or lower. Anyone had similar experiences?

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A quick thank you

I needed wxMaxima but the version in the repositories is a little older (one major revision). Compiling from source is straightforward but a recent discussion I had with students showed they shied away from it. So I figured I’d try … Continue reading

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Forget everything you knew about coding (or perhaps remember, depending on your age)

This Christmas I’m going to embrace the past. COmmon Business Oriented Language (COBOL) 85 standard was the first language I was taught. Napier University was a feeder into the banking and insurance industries in Edinburgh at the time and they … Continue reading

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Developing a developer

Still some way to completing my degree part-time (at the end of this academic year I’m half way). I’m not soliciting my services – just looking for advice from the community and if anyone has a few minutes it’d be … Continue reading

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Someone asked me yesterday “You’re good with computers, can you give me a copy of Photoshop?“. Aside from the fact I run Linux on most of my computers, I’m not keen on being accused of software piracy on the basis that … Continue reading

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Best Linux comment ever

Extract from an article over at “The Art of Manliness” that gives instructions on editing hosts to block time wasting sites: Linux If you’re using Linux, you’re probably a geek and don’t need some guy who blogs about manliness to … Continue reading

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