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Finally succeeding?

I read an article by James Somers at The Atlantic called “How I Failed, Failed, and Finally Succeeded at Learning How to Code”. Continue reading

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I’ve just started a maths course (MS221 with The Open University). I completed MST121 with a cheap Casio FX991 calculator (it cost about £15). The time has come to buy something a bit more, well grown up. I’ve been looking at offerings … Continue reading

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I killed my PS3

I’ve been playing the brilliant “Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood”. So much so that I’ve killed my PS3 – it now overheats and turns itself off after about three minutes (if its booted from cold), beeps three times and flashes the … Continue reading

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Don’t fix it, censor it

The Security Research Computer Lab at Cambridge University posted an article about industry response to a fundamental flaw in the “chip and pin” system in February. The paper, by Omar Choudary (a PhD student), highlights a flaw in the standard that permits … Continue reading

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Linux is not a get of jail free card

I’ve been having line problems with my ISP – British Telecom. To cut a long story short we see a 75% speed drop, phone BT, jump through umpteen hoops and they reset the profile at the exchange. The fault is … Continue reading

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Samsung ML-1915 with Ubuntu

I picked up a cheap laser printer, a Samsung ML-1915. It isn’t automatically configured by Ubuntu 10.10 as it requires the Samsung Unified Linux Print Driver. The page explains what to do but in synopsis, you need to add the … Continue reading

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San Diego suggestions

I’ve never been to the US before but I’m going to San Diego this week with work. Although I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have, as I’m there for a few weeks I was wondering if there’s anyone … Continue reading

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Any colour will do

I hope Dustin Kirkland wont mind me re-posting this but it’s so insightful I felt I must. Poul-Henning Kamp posted this concerning Free BSD development over eleven years ago…

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Twitter vulnerabilities, using Windows, studying and new WordPress themes.

Graham Cluley, a Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos, has a nice blog piece on the Twitter worm from earlier this week. To cut a long story short, he reminds us of the importance of sanitizing inputs. Still, it was more … Continue reading

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Two things that improve my bash productivity – stopping the cursor keys inserting characters in vim and history search in bash. Edit ~/.vimrc or /etc/vim/vimrc (for system wide) and add turn off vi compatibility: set nocompatible The latter can be … Continue reading

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