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I am the product

Why does Sky One advertising grind my gears? Because it does everything it could to grind my gears. Set start times in the middle of advert breaks – make sure I turn over for a good few minutes worth. Good … Continue reading

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Upgrading to the new 3DS

Bought my kid a new 3DS for his birthday, the device is great but the process to transfer between old and new is poorly documented. The device came with a pre-installed copy of Majora’s Mask. Except, inexplicably, transferring data from … Continue reading

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Just saw a loan advert – 49.5% APR! Jesus Christ, how is that legal? I’ve always found it odd that those who most need a loan get the worst rate while those who don’t get the best.

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Saw this on Twitter and the sheer inhumanity appalled me, so I screen grabbed it in case it’s removed. I don’t read any of his rags and after his companies previous antics, I wonder why others do.

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Word 2013 stopped saving

Wasted a good chunk of last night and today farting around with Microsoft Office 2013 after it decided to crash every time I saved. No idea what caused it, other than that it started after I had pasted some Python code … Continue reading

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Well that’s a shame

From Sourceforge’s blog (emphasis mine): Thanks to DevShare, we are now able to offer a bundle program that is fully compliant with Google’s strictest policies. This includes a solid compliance process for both open source applications and third party offerings. The … Continue reading

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ICT Forums

I’ve studied six computing modules at the Open University, participating in their forums and even moderating one (TU100). I feel that there is a tendency to criticise computing modules that I haven’t noticed on mathematics modules. Unfortunately students are often not … Continue reading

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Paranormal Activity 4

I meant to post this on Wednesday but I’d managed to blank it from my mind. I can’t even be bothered to review it when Meredith Woerner does such a good job. What a disappointing movie.

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Keeping resolutions

Have I? Yes and no.

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Someone asked me yesterday “You’re good with computers, can you give me a copy of Photoshop?“. Aside from the fact I run Linux on most of my computers, I’m not keen on being accused of software piracy on the basis that … Continue reading

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