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Don’t fix it, censor it

The Security Research Computer Lab at Cambridge University posted an article about industry response to a fundamental flaw in the “chip and pin” system in February. The paper, by Omar Choudary (a PhD student), highlights a flaw in the standard that permits … Continue reading

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Linux is not a get of jail free card

I’ve been having line problems with my ISP – British Telecom. To cut a long story short we see a 75% speed drop, phone BT, jump through umpteen hoops and they reset the profile at the exchange. The fault is … Continue reading

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Blogging platforms

Has anyone else noticed a large amount of ping backs to link farms from Planet Ubuntu feeds over the last few days? I’m getting a fair few. I’d give an example but if I link to a site that takes … Continue reading

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Ubuntu spot the difference

After writing documentation for many years, once in a while I come across a post on the Internet that makes me wonder why I bother. So I thought we could turn it into a game. Basically it’s like spot the … Continue reading

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A Windows post (gasp)

Windows software tends to abstract any kind of technicality from the user, except when it comes to ripping.  For some reason, this requires a myriad dropdowns.  I’m computer literate and I struggle.

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I’ve been away from Ubuntu for a while and just installed Xubuntu 9.10 on an Acer Aspire One.  While editing some of the files, I remembered that pressing the cursor keys in insert mode inserts characters. This is because of … Continue reading

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Never thought I’d have to publish this on my personal blog but I’d like to draw attention to the license: For any CC work that you use from this site, please use the following attribution: This work by Dougie Richardson … Continue reading

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Not happiness is…

Following my last post… <rant> Things that do not make me happy: Spending the first of your two weeks leave that you finally managed to get at the same time as your kids in bed sick. Your clan mates PS3 … Continue reading

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