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[Insert project title here]

An Android fitness tracker application. Feedback from the preparation forum was positive, there is enough scope to expand or contract the project as needed. Importantly, it is “substantially within the sphere of information technology”. Taking approaches from IT Systems Planning for … Continue reading

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After a false start when The Open University opened the TM470 module site, we got back on track on Wednesday. Although the module doesn’t start until February, I need to decide a project to assign a tutor.   I read … Continue reading

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Well I haven’t posted in ages but I’m down to a single TMA and two exams before I start the computing and IT project (TM470). I’ve got what I think is a sound idea that builds on TT284, M362, TM353 … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Web Technologies (TT284)

TT284 Web Technologies is a level two Open University module now in its second year of presentation and compulsory on the solutions development pathway of BSc (Hons) Computing and IT (B62). From the module description: This course will give you an … Continue reading

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MS221 was a grade 4 pass. From the breakdown of the MS221 exam, it looks like most were in the same boat, with 79% scoring under 54%. I’m happy with the result (it’s free choice on my degree path) but … Continue reading

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Small steps

Back in October I started to develop some serious shin pain and began the Army’s rehabilitation process. A better process than people give credit for – put in effort, take it seriously and it has results. It just takes time. Today … Continue reading

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Invisible posts and the same complaints

I’m sure my posts on TT284-12B are invisible. Someone asks a question, I post an answer then three others post the same answer shortly before the asker thanks them. Sounds petty, I know, but I’m genuinely wondering if my posts are … Continue reading

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